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Corvus Corax

"In Electronica (Remixe)"


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Release: 2005
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Corvus Corax - In Electronica (Remixe) CD

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1.DansMix (Mit Dans Ist All Die Werlt Genesen M.A.P.S.)
2.Mille Anni (Mille Anni Passi Sunt - M.A.P.S.)
3.La Douce (La Douce - M.A.P.S.)
4.Saltarello (Saltarello - MM)
5.Nominalto Remix (Nominalto / M.A.P.S.)
6.Gaudalier (Gaudalier / M.A.P.S.)
7.Najo Ratte (Najo Ratte / Viator)
8.Estuans-elektropunk-mix (Estuans Intrinsecus / Viator)
9.Skudrinka (Skudrinka / Viator)
10.Vibrator-mix (Viator / Viator)
11.Non Plus Ultra Remix (In Taberna / Viator)
12.Pain Of Progress Remix (Baro Massik / Viator)
13.Bachusss. (Trinklied Remix.) (Bacchus / Viator)
14.Energize Meng Leif (Meng Leif / M.A.P.S.)
15.Die Klage (Die Klage / M.A.P.S.)
16.Filii Neidhardi (Filii Neidhardi / Viator)
17.Avanti Remix (Avanti / M.A.P.S)
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