InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2010
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Cryogenica's music has been compared to Curve, Emilie Autumn, NIN, Siouxsie & Xmal Deutschland, and described as being "deliciously catchy and brutally honest with cutting guitars slicing up deep vocals" and "lip-smackingly good beats for a fine finish and a positive taster of the band's debut album" according to Sphere Magazine. Devolution Magazine described the band as retaining "a dark edge with well written tracks; strong and distinguished vocals and music with enough guts to create a backing with driving guitar riffs and industrial electronics".

From 2007 onwards, they've been steadily inreasing their live audience, supporting Wendy James' (formally Transvision Vamp), electro/ industrial icons 'Sheep On Drugs' and Lahannya. More recently they've supported acts like Alec Empire, Motor (Depeche Mode's support act in 2009) and German electro icons, Das Ich.
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Label's catalogue number:ABCD044