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Cult Of Youth

"A Stick To Bind, A Seed To Grow"


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Release: 2015
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Cult Of Youth - A Stick To Bind, A Seed To Grow CD

CD-Version der 2008 erschienen LP mit vielen raren Bonustiteln. Die CD selbst kommt in einer Spezialverpackung im Pappschuber mit 3 kleinen Postkarten in einem Faltcover und ist auf 500 Stück limitiert.Musikalisch bewegt sich CULT OF YOUTH irgendwo zwischen Postpunk - Neofolk - 80s - Oldschool-Industrial. Vergleichbar mit den frühen Death in June / Crisis und Blood Axis.Tracks 1-13 were originally released in 2008 as a limited edition LP Track 14 is an unreleased song that was intended to be released as a 7”. Tracks 15 & 16 were recorded at home and self-released as a limited edition 7” in 2007. Tracks 17 & 19 were released as a limited edition (25 copies) 3”CDr Track 18 was recorded around 2002CD-Edition is limited to 500 copies and comes in a special foldout envelope with cardboard inner sleeve and three postcard inserts with lyrics and photos. Limited edition of 300 copies.
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Label:Der Angriff
1.Freedom's Path 2:48
2.Cold Black Earth 2:07
3.The Final Myth 1:53
4.Loss Of Innocence 2:32
5.The Hand Of God 2:09
6.Torch Of Man 5:56
7.To The Floor! 2:20
8.Love Will Save Us 2:22
9.Brick By Brick 2:18
10.A Question Of Will 1:48
11.A New Dawn 1:36
12.Cmiii 2:52
13.We Will Rise 3:37
14.Beast Of Prey 5:18
15.Train To Kill 4:09
16.Eye To Eye 3:19
17.Hungry Animals 3:39
18.Cm 10:17
19.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World 3:06