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Current 93

"I Am The Last Of All The Field That"


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Release: 2014
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Current 93 - I Am The Last Of All The Field That CD

Their Nude Nuit Album: The hallucinatory new album, 68-minutes in length, from PickNickMagick Skipsters CURRENT 93. CD (The Spheres Eight): Full colour digipak with 24 page booklet containing all lyrics, credits and photographs of the band and outer, inner and CD booklet artwork by David Tibet. Channelling C93 for this River are: Jack Barnett (These New Puritans): organ, sound design and voices, James Blackshaw: bass, Ossian Brown (Cyclobe) : hurdy-gurdy and sidereal SingSong, Nick Cave: voice and voices, Antony Hegarty: voice and voices, Reinier van Houdt: piano, Norbert Kox: voices, Andrew Liles: electric channel, Tony (TS) McPhee (The Groundhogs): acoustic and electric guitar, Jon Seagroatt (Comus): bass clarinet and flute, Carl Stokes (The Groundhogs): drums and percussion, David Tibet: voice and void, Bobbie Watson (Comus): voices, John Zorn: saxophone.
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1.The Invisible Church
2.Those Flowers Grew
3.Kings And Things
4.With The Dromedaries
5.The Heart Full Of Eyes 0
6.Mourned Winter Then
7.And Onto Picknickmagick
8.Why Did The Fox Bark?
9.I Remember The Berlin Boys
10.Spring Sand Dreamt Larks
11.I Could Not Shift The Shadow