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Dario Dell'Aere

"Eagles In The Night"


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Release: 2016
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Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles In The Night MLP

Dario Dell'Aere is a New Wave musician, producer and singer from Milan, Italy. At the end of the 1970's Dario performed in a mime show that was influenced by the glam cliches of David Bowie. In 1979, Dario met Victor Life outside a cinema and began a lifelong collaboration of projects: Diamond Dogs, Ice Eyes and Fockewulf 190. Musically, the duo were inspired by the Human League’s “Reproduction” and John Foxx’s “Metamatic” and visually they took cues from New Romantic’s Visage and Ultravox. With the Fockewulf 190 moniker, they created their own dark blend of Italo disco releasing the hit singles “Gitano” and “Body Heat” in 1984.

By the end of 1984 ...
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1.Eagles In The Night
2.Eagles In The Night