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Das Projekt

"Les Belles infidèles"


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Release: 2014
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Das Projekt - Les Belles infidèles CD

Style: Gothic Rock. Brazilian conceptual album release, on which every song is dedi-cated to a specific female’s fate from the eighteenth century to present times. Each song is dedicated to one woman and deals with the feminine universe in all its forms and meanings. Don’t get fooled though but the subject: This is not about romanticism and fairy tales: After the first few chords, Das Projekt impressively demonstrates their obvious strength in songwriting and musical performance. The songs spread at the same time dark and gloomy atmosphere, coupled with harder guitars, bass and an acidic drum machine. The powerful vocals add a further strong aspect to the overall sound of this fresh new gothic projec[k]t and lead the listeners to splendor and beauty. Helena, Adrianne, Agatha, Christine and all others are not just names of songs, but become an integral part, real people in the musical expression of this talented act!
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Label:Pisces Ent.
1.Adrianne Dances
3.Ann In The Dark Room
5.Agatha's Eye
6.Lisa (Just To Tease Me)
7.Lucy's Kiss
8.Mary And The Death In June
9.Helena Calls Me
10.Jessica Is Burning
11.Isobel's Room
12.Good Night (Mare) Of The Week (End)