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Das Projekt

"The Crownless Again Shall Be King"


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Release: 2015
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Das Projekt - The Crownless Again Shall Be King CD

Intense and classic traditional, ‘Old School’ Gothic Rock!!!

The recently offered DAS PROJEKT album ‘Les Belles infidèles’ met a lot of praise with many of our customers and demand for the previous albums was high. We now managed to receive a limited amount of the bands second album, originally released in 2012. The project’s second album features band-classics such as ‘Arabian Beauties’, ‘Seventh Day’, ‘Unknown Pleasures’, ‘Betrayal’ among others. This was the first album with the current vocalist, Marcelo KPTA and with the original lineup of the bands’ previous project "Krummen Mauern".
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Label:Wave Records
1.Dream Never Ends
2.Morbid Love
4.Arabian Beauties
5.Al Azif (Necronomicon)
6.Ghost Riders In The Sky
7.Unknown Pleasures I
9.Seventh Day
10.The War Against Gibeon