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Das Wesen

"Embrassing All, Vanishing All"


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Release: 2008
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Das Wesen - Embrassing All, Vanishing All CD

Inspired by performances in 1979 of numerous no-wave groups from New York Hans Dekkers, Hans Hermes and Boudewijn van der Wagt started their own band, named Puber Kristus. After a while they indulged in "unannounced-performances" and at the end of 1980 they renamed the band Das Wesen, also because their music had changed into the direction of new wave. They played regularly all over the country and due to their mesmerizing performances became very popular in Holland. Their first record "Anyone" was released in 1982. Frans Oosterholt joined the group as a bassplayer and they went on to record "Who Had a Heart" (1982) and "Nocturne" (1983). The lyrics were written by both Boudewijn van der Wagt and Hans Dekkers, both of them were the lead singers of the band. Hans Dekkers composed most of the music. At the end of 1983 the band split up. The passing away of Boudewijn van der Wagt in 1999 was a heavy shock to his friends and acquaintances. This CD is dedicated to the remembrance of this flamboyant and inspiring person.
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