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David Galas

"The Happiest Days Of My Life"


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Release: 2012
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David Galas - The Happiest Days Of My Life CD

'The Happiest Days of My Life' is the follow up release to David Galas's previous album 'The Cataclysm' (2006). This album explores the personal decline of mankind and plunges the listener into dark chasms of desperation. The music borders between dark progressive rock to dark-wave and gothic genres. His use of multi-layered guitars, harmonized vocals and a heavy wall of sound is a well recognizable trademark from his previous band Lycia.

Most of the songs are in a minor key, slower tempos while the entire album features 13 tracks, including 'Last Days of The War', 'Arizona' and 'Glory'. Total running time is over 70 minutes.
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Label's catalogue number:TW1.02
3.The Last Days Of The War (Sect IV)
5.Dead Days (Sect V)
6.The Happiest Days Of My Life
7.Monsoons Over South Mountain
8.The Significance Of Failure
10.When The Thread Breaks
11.The Happiest Days Of My Life (Part 2/Sect VI)
12.The Happiest Days Of My Life (Part 3/Sect VII)
13.Everyone Eventually Dies