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Dead Fader

"It Works 1"


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Release: 2016
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Dead Fader - It Works 1 LP

"Many of the people who make truly innovative music are never widely recognised and never make any money from it. If they’re lucky, 20 years after the fact all the people who cashed in by co-opting their sound will appear on TV programmes saying how influential they were. If they’re not, their music will be consumed only by obsessive men who have no sex lives.” -Thomas H. GreenDead Fader - John Cohen Is surely one of the most overlooked voices making electronic music today. His approach to making honest and emotive electronic music has pushed the boundaries in recent years and challenged so many concepts and traditions within the music industry and scenes. But also without loosing sight of a bigger picture and finding a balance between emotions, technology, politics and expression.He has now unveiled his new EP for 2016 “It Works 1” Drawing upon an unusually wide array of influences. From BOC to Bach, Pan sonic to Kanye, nothing gets left off the table. “It Works 1” kicks off with the anthem ‘Spinning Wheel’. An earthy house track that really gets hearts racing and resonating over a throbbing bass line. On the Flip side ‘Climaxed’ turns up the volume on a Techno banger, reminding of Jeff mills or Clark at their most playful. Skittering arpeggios, flying around a thumping kick drum. Its an uncompromising work, but still adhering to the core elements of rhythm and melody which float through his work."For years now each Dead Fader record and live show has brought something new to the table - Constantly evolving and always sounding utterly awesome.” -John Wheatley
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1.Spinning Wheel