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Dead Hand Projekt



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Release: 2013
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Dead Hand Projekt - Control CD

Dead Hand Projekt is back and in your face with this kick-in-the-teeth full-length album! “Control” is the 5th overall release for Dead Hand Projekt, and they never seem to disappoint with their every release being better than their last!

Every song stands on its own and not once do you feel like you’ve listened to the same song twice. Never afraid to forge a new path in a day and age, that seems as though, everything has been done before and nothing is new; Dead Hand Projekt truly shows that they are unlike any other band on the market today with this amazing release! With mastermind, Taury Go-forth’s ever-evolving style, he shows that the Industrial genre is only just beginning.

Introducing Kiel McLaughlin as a more active role on Guitar and with Taury Goforth even picking up the Bass Guitar in a few tracks; from start to finish, this album presents one great track to the next! “Control will leave you ful-filled with this evolutionary industrial masterpiece.
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