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"Animus Necandi"


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Release: 2009
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Deadjump - Animus Necandi CD

Deadjump arrised from a Dark-Elektro band Brutal Divergenz. Alex, the man behind the DeadJump, released the first demo titled "Holy Mind". After acquisition new equipments, Alex rebuilt his concepts trying new sounds and composed "Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader", issued in 1997 by 4D Records.

In 1999, Deadjump release "Causa ...
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1.First Act: Satan Is Ever Present Among Us
2.Alma Mater
3.Glass Eyes
4.Animus Necandi
5.The Game Of The Dead
6.Mothers Ready To Die
7.Hate (Featuring Impact Pulse)
8.Code 666
10.Erotic Industrial Music
11.Animus Necandi (Acylum Remix)
12.Raped Soul (Club Mix)
13.Animus Necandi (Larva Remix)