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"Scare Mix"


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Release: 2007
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Deadjump - Scare Mix MCD

Advoxya presents a brazil group Deadjump, which has taken the place of the legendary Brazilian group Aghast View, not active at present since 2003. The fallen banner of Brazilian electro-industrial was raised still above in 2006 by the Brazilian group Deadjump with its already sold off at the given moment album "Immortal". It is not a secret that in South America after the European success of Hocico and Amduscia was a big boome of EBM and associating styles, but in the case with Deadjumpsuccess was earned during a 10-year improvement of its soundings and releasing 4 full-format albums (Virtual Masturbation of a bastard Leader/1997, Causa Mortis/1999, Post Mortem/2000, Immortal/2006). Working all the time on grinding of his tracks, Alex knew how to bring up his musical ideas, revealed into a rigid electronic form, to a cold perfection of audio- aggression. On the CD are exclusive remixes of Wavefall and Deus Ex Machina.
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2.The Man Behind The Mask
3.Burnout (Full Track)
4.Hollow Peace
5.Life (Fatal Rupture Remix)
6.Heartbrake (Preemptive Strike 01 Remix)
7.Life (Brutal Shinning Remix Drained Scorn)
8.Save Me From All My Sins (Hatech Remix)
9.Immortal (Self Inflicted)
10.Life (Wavefall Remix)
11.Immortal (Deus Ex Machina Remix)
12.Life (Cb Remix)