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Death Penalty

"Death Penalty"


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Release: 2014
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Death Penalty - Death Penalty 2LP

Over the last 25 years, discerning metal fans may have struggled to pinpoint any bona fide contemporary greats amongst the never-ending proliferation of also-rans and wannabes, but as chief composer and guitarist for UK doom metal legends Cathedral, Gaz Jennings has more than earned the mantle of the modern age's most consistent and supremely talented Riffmaster General. A perennial unsung hero of the heavy underground, Gaz has already contributed a vast number of classic songs to the metallic canon, but when Cathedral finally called it a day i.
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Label:Rise Above
1.Grotesque Horizon
2.Howling At The Throne Of Decadence
3.Eyes Of The Heretic
4.Golden Tides
5.Into The Ivory Frost
6.Children Of The Night
7.The One That Dwells
8.She Is A Witch
9.Immortal By Your Hand
10.Written By The Insane