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Degenerated Sequences

"Degenerated Sequences"


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Release: 2016
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Degenerated Sequences - Degenerated Sequences CD

Well, well, well - debut album from this greek one-man project (Yiannis is also plays on keyboard in well-known greek formation PreEmptive Strike.01) was introduced to the label by our unofficial rider of Apocalypse aka Sakis / Nano Infect. Firstly i was wondering about - am i need in new band with the debut album here? not a secret - sales are just suck (not only here) and we live in hard times, but after gave the check to this stuff my despairs stopped threat and eat me - music was a really cool.I dont like to give here any comparisons and mention a names, but this album - the best you can hear from dark-electro scene actually. Band has used all traditional elements of dark-electro, but music also shows high skills in practice of all methods in music writing process. Album was created over the years (first promo snippets on the web dated for 2012) and composer has enough time to polish his own sound times and times again, but without talent and senses the result could not be so good. if you like traditional european dark-electro stuff - this cd is just simply must-have for you.
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1.Intro-Stronger Than Life 5:00
2.The King Of Fool (Fuck You) 6:08
3.Fragile Inside 5:02
4.The Dissident 4:34
5.Break The Frames 5:12
6.Looking For Externals 4:28
7.Transcedental Synthesis 4:03
8.In Science Form 4:29
9.Existence In Violence 3:42
10.Time Machine (Feat. Jim The Blaster) 4:20
11.The End Complete 4:46