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Deine Lakaien

"Acoustic II"


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Release: 2014
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 days
Deine Lakaien - Acoustic II 2LP

Due to countless requests from fans all around the world, the same day of the new album will also see the official release of 2013 live album “Acoustic II” (both on CD and limited Vinyl), which was previously available through a sound pledge from Deine Lakaien directly only.
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1.A1 One Night 3:39
2.A2 Gone 4:01
3.A3 Fighting The Green 5:31
4.A4 The Game 3:40
5.B1 Without Your Words 3:52
6.B2 Over And Done 5:35
7.B3 Vivre 5:27
8.B4 Overpaid 3:58
9.C1 Where You Are 3:31
10.C2 Return 5:12
11.C3 Manastir Baroue 4:42
12.C4 Wunderbar 3:44
13.D1 Heart Made To Be Mine 4:32
14.D2 Away 4:25
15.D3 Blue Heart 4:44
16.D4 Bei Nacht 3:38