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Deine Lakaien

"Crystal Palace"


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Release: 2014
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Deine Lakaien - Crystal Palace CD

Almost 4 years after their successful last album 'Indicator', DEINE LAKAIEN (Ernst Horn & Alexander Veljanov) return triumphant with their 10th studio album 'Crystal Palace'.

These new recordings are much more electronic than on recent albums and the project thus returns to the sonic atmospheres of the early days (1986-1990), when Ernst and Alexander first started to bring electronic/darkwave sound to the world. The standard album will include ten new songs, including the 2 tracks of the taster EP – ‚Farewell‘ in a different (Album-) version.
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Label:Hall Of Sermon
3.Forever And A Day
4.The Ride
5.Where The Winds Don't Blow
6.Crystal Palace
7.Why The Stars
8.The Lights Of Our Street
9.Those Hills
10.Eternal Sun