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Der Blaue Reiter

"Le Paradis Funebre II – L’Adieu du Silence"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Der Blaue Reiter - Le Paradis Funebre II – L’Adieu du Silence CD

“L’ Adieu du Silence”, where light is just a rumour, and the future a legend… After the release of their acclaimed last album ‘Nuclear Sun’, Der Blaue Reiter return from the pillars of oblivion with a new apocalyptic musical tour de force – inspired by a tragic vision of a world governed by secret societies, war and the last days of mankind… ‘Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’Adieu Du Silence’ is to be considered the second chapter of the band’s 2004 debut album. It consists of eleven new songs ripe with compelling orchestrations, cinematic soundscapes and majestic industrial & martial ambience. The album features collaborations with Alina (Lamia Vox), Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana/Sophia) and Daniela Bedeski (Rosa Rubea). Undoubtedly the most powerful and dark work created by the band thus far! Mastered by Peter Bjärgö (Sophia/Arcana).
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1.Underworld Dreams Part Ii
2.Anthem For Doomed Youth
3.Conquest Of Glory
4.L’Adieu Du Silence Pt. I
5.Il Tempo E La Disperazione
6.The Beginning Of The End
7.Under Deadly Rain 08 Requiem For A Dying World
8.The New World Order
10.L’Adieu Du Silence Part Ii