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Der Blutharsch



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Release: 2015
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Der Blutharsch - Joyride CD

"Simply fallen out of time , spacetrippin ' intergalactic well" "Einfach aus der Zeit gefallen, spacetrippin' intergalaktisch gut." (Legacy)

The vinyl version comes in LE250 blue or black vinyl and with CD

Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand: MarthynnaJörg B.Albin Julius supported by: Dennis Lamb - Saeculum ObscurumMatt Howden - SiebenNikola Babić - 7 thatSpellsNiko Potocnjak - 7 that Spells/JastrebAlan Trench - Orchis/12000 daysMarc De Backer - Mongolito/Dog eat DogDave W - White HillsP - StormnattNicholas Tesluk - Changes
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1.Drive Me Far
2.Sea Of Love
3.Falling Out Of Time
5.Cold Freedom
6.Mighty Might
8.Reach The Stars
9.Not Quite Evil
10.Immolate My Dreams