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Der Blutharsch

"The End Of The Beginning"


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Release: 2012
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Der Blutharsch - The End Of The Beginning CD

Next album by this strange band living somewhere in the middle of the woods outside Vienna... Once again Der Blutharsch manage to sound yet different again than on the previous albums a fact that somehow became a trademark of this band. As always, also on the album we can find some stunning guests to take part on this album, this time Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal), Matt Howden (Sieben), Lloyd James (Naevus), Pete Hope and Alessia Bete-relli (Varunna).
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Label's catalogue number:WKN43
3.Cool Down
4.Get Back
5.Glad You're Here
6.Eyes Wide Open
9.The Other End Of The Bottle
10.Right In Your Head
11.Eyes - Like Jewellery
12.Thee Big Electric Chair