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Der Musikant

"Musikantenmusik Recordings 1981-1984 (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2016
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Der Musikant - Musikantenmusik Recordings 1981-1984 (Limited Edition) 2LP

DER MUSIKANT is Rolf Schobert from South Germany. His music from the early 80’s and his incredibly rare Tape-Releases are a must-have for every serious collector and lover of Minimal/Synth and/or NDW-Music.

His purely minimal straight-forward powerful synth-sounds in combination with his extraordinary and highy emotional vocals and are so distinct and have a unique character. Rolf is also one half of famous HEUTE together with Georg Alfred Wittner.

This limited 2Lp which combines almost all this great track recorded between 80-84 can also be bought as part of a 4Lp-Set called "Bu/Bu Musikverbreitung“.
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