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Derniere Volonte

"Prie Pour Moi"


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Release: February 2016
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Derniere Volonte - Prie Pour Moi CD

The vinyl version comes in LE250 glorious gold vinyl and black vinyl.The CD comes in an Digipak and with 16 pages booklet. Finally the all new Derniere Volonte album after 4 years of latest new album and waiting.Geoffroy D. presents here 12 new glorious tracks on CD and vinyl contains an additionalexclusive track on an 7".
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2.Les Rêves Dedorian
3.Sans Fin
4.A Bout Portant
5.Petit Soldat
6.Prie Pour Moi
7.Je Serai Toujours
8.Le Premier Souffle
9.Lys Et Rose
10.Après Nous
11.Je N'avais Pas Compris
12.Sous L'arbre De La Vie
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