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"The Truth Hurts"


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Dessau - The Truth Hurts CD

'The Truth Hurts' is the first release in nearly 15 years from the legendary industrial outfit Dessau. The mastermind of one John Elliott, Dessau has been a major player in shaping the industrial music scene since inception back in 1983. 'The Truth Hurts' is a 17 track retrospective release that contains originals, demos, out-takes and live tracks that span the bands history.

Tracks like 'Red Languages', 'Crutch of Utility', 'Unshakeable', 'Imperial Hotel', and 'Europe Light' are taken from the bands first two EP's 'Red Languages' and 'Happy Mood'. Both EP's were previously released on vinyl only and this is the first time the original versions have been available on CD. 'The Truth Hurts' also features guest appearances from Paul Barker on the tracks 'Trevethan', 'Rest My Eyes' and 'Seldom Traveled' and guitar work from Richard Patrick on 'Suffer 16'.

Rounding out this showcase are live versions of Dessau's first club hit, Isolation, and a live staple for the band, a cover of Joy Division's 'Ceremony'. 'The Truth Hurts' provides just a glimpse of the bands illustrious past and look at what lie ahead.
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1.On The Banks
5.Rest My Eyes
8.Seldom Traveled
12.Europe Light
13.Imperial Hotel
14.Crutch Of Utility
15.Red Languages
16.Isolation [Live]
17.Ceremony [Live]