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Release: 2015
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Devilsight - Luna CD

After releaseing 2 internet singles „Del Cartel” and „La Ceguera” back in 2011, and also behind the several appearings on various dark-scene compilations, the band /Baltazar (music) Stan (samples, lyric & voice) Mercy (keyboard)/ finally spreads its first full-lenght album „Luna”. Being introducing to the label by Sander K. from Stahlnebel clan (who also prepared the mastering and design for this release) mexican comrades use all the right elements for the dark-electro oriented dancefloor – boring from too much synth-pop in the scene at nowdays? – this release is prepared exactly for you.
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2.Del Cartel.
3.La Ceguera.
4.Extranos En La Oscuridad F. Antigeno.
5.Necessary Words.
8.Todo Esta Mas Cerca.
10.Amante Del Demonio.
11.La Cequera Rmx – Touched By Stahlnele & Black Selket.