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Die Braut

"Parricida Perpetuo 2014"

Single/7" + CD


Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Die Braut - Parricida Perpetuo 2014 Single/7

Die Braut is Chilean harsch-electro band, which was born in 2007 and its members are Katia (voices, music, lyrics) and Cristian (programming and mixing). After several releases on different labels Advoxya proudly presents the new material from the band as a pre-taster to their upcoming full-lenght.
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InfraRot item number:9943.844
Label's catalogue number:ad-ltd-08-7inc
1.Parricida Perpetuo (2014 Mix)
2.Legado Mortal (Original Mix)
3.Soldier Of Pain (Original Mix)
5.The Black Bird (Echoes From The Desert)
6.Cut Off: Sky Remix
7.Assasin Mix By Drowning Susan
8.X-Fusion V/s Noisuf-X Remix
9.First Black Pope Remix
10.Acylum Remix
11.Mordacious Remix
12.Antibiosis Remix
13.Cold Therapy Remix
14.Noize Level Remix
15.Chris Fussion Remix
16.A7Ie Remix
17.Terrorkode Remix
18.Redisigned By Hexis