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Die Kammer

"Season II: Views From The Inside"


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Release: 2014
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Die Kammer - Season II: Views From The Inside CD

With their high-flying debut album released in 2012, the leading minds behind Die KAMMER, Matthias Ambré and Marcus Testory, have successfully earned a place in their growing audience's hearts and ears. Now that Die KAMMER orchestra has established itself and been featured on the world's stages, it is high time for this exceptional group's second album. »Season II: Views from the Inside« fully lives up to its name, providing insight into Die KAMMER's extraordinary worlds of sound and emotion that is as profound as it is personal. Right from the first glance, upon starting the first song, it is clear: Die KAMMER's protagonists have honed their skills even further, expanding their range to include new accents and tones, launching this vivacious new season.

The new album is bustling ...
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Label:Delicious Releases
1.Be Careful
2.Endangered Memories
3.The Line Of Last Resistance
4.Lest We Forget
5.Sophie’S Circus (Part I »The Arrival«)
6.Sophie’S Circus (Part Ii »The Play«)
7.Sophie’S Circus (Part Iii »The Spirit Lingers On«)
8.Praying Mantis
9.Slipping Around The Corner
11.Sinister Sister
12.The Invitation
13.Views From The Inside: A Midsummer Night’S Dream
14.Views From The Inside: New Day Rising