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Die Krupps

"The Machinists Of Joy (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Die Krupps - The Machinists Of Joy (Limited Edition) 2CD

DIE KRUPPS believe that Bonus-Tracks have to be unique – that is why they have included some very special tracks on the limited edition of “THE MACHINISTS OF JOY” which refer to the origins of Engler and Dörper - both had been active in the Düsseldorf Punk scene long before the first KRUPPS release “Stahlwerksynfonie" (1980).

Included are – among others: A collaboration with Punk-Pioneers METAL URBAIN from France ("Panik"), and one track with Wolfgang Flür, ex member of that other band from Dusseldorf called KRAFTWERK… It should also be mentioned that Eric Debris of METAL URBAIN is responsible for the great front cover shoot/artwork and the band photo montages.

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Label:Synthetic Symphony
1.Ein Blick Zurück Im Zorn
4.Robo Sapien
5.The Machinist Of Joy
7.Im Falschen Land
8.Part Of The Machine
9.Eiskalter Engel
11.Im Schatten Der Ringe
12.Nazis Auf Speed