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Dimmu Borgir

"In Sorte Diaboli"



Release: 2007
Status: Sold out
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli CD + DVD

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Label:Nuclear Blast
1.The Serpentine Offering
2.The Chosen Legacy
3.The Lonspiracy Anfolds
4.The Ancestral Feuer
5.The Secrilegious Scorn
6.The Fallen Arises
7.The Sinister Awakening
8.The Fundamental Alienation
9.The Unvaluable Darkness
10.The Foreshadowing Furnace
11.Video Clip "the Serpentine Offering"
12.Making Of The Album With Dimmu Borgir (Audio Report)
13.Making Of "the Serpentine Oferring" Video With Dimmu Borgir