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Dirk Geiger

"Connected Worlds"


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Release: 2015
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Dirk Geiger - Connected Worlds CD

dirk geiger’s fourth full-length album delves deeper into the mind of this prolific german composer, unlocking new paths within his universe of sound creation. at once brooding, yet hopeful, geiger’s work unfolds like a story, revealing it’s secrets piece by piece until a full conception is realized. slow, steady grooves match dark overtones, downbeat melodies, and enveloping atmospheres while found sounds intertwine among the relics of haunting tones. ‘connected worlds’ takes you on a journey up through quivering ambient atmospheres to a world above the clouds - away from the swarming city, with all its frenetic activity, by a dense well of sound and a beat that serves as a reminder that all that furious hastening is not meant for you. 6-panel digipak packaging.
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1.Connect 04:13
2.24 Hours Without Interruption 06:11
3.Mats 04:28
4.Closer 06:23
5.Meeting Of Both Worlds 05:56
6.Endless 04:38
7.Don't Break Down All Bridges 07:03
8.Not The Last Meeting 07:00
9.Black Sundays 04:33
10.Disconnect 17:27