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Dirk Serries

"The Origin Reversal"


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Release: 2014
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Dirk Serries - The Origin Reversal CD

Limited edition of 300 CD in 4 panel ecoWallet

Dirk Serries returns to Projekt Records with ‘The Origin Reversal’, a re-boot of his classic vidnaObmana sound. This is ambient music that flows from its discreet origins: sonic purity, washes of harmony, and organic textures which slow time to a phase of transcendence. The hypnotic nature of Serries' music comes with time and restrained anticipation. It?s all about a delicate touch that never disturbs the continuum between sound and silence.
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1.Radiant Down
3.The Dead Air Reprise
4.Notion Of The Invert
5.Transfuse The Phantom