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Diseno Corbusier



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Release: 2016
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Diseno Corbusier - Stadia LP

Diseño Corbusier is the avant-garde electronics duo of Javier G. Marín and Ani Zinc, formed in Granada, Spain 1981. Like Sheffield’s relation to London during the punk explosion in the UK, Granada developed an experimental music scene 400 kilometers south of Madrid. As a child, there were no records in Ani’s house, so she grew up listening to the radio and was hypnotized after hearing ‘Remember Love’, by Yoko Ono. While attending university in Granada she responded to an ad in a music magazine by Javier, “If you’re into bands like Cabaret Voltaire or Flying Lizards, call me”.

The duo recorded their debut ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Festival Para Dos
3.El Circulo De La Infancia
4.Flanco - Dama
6.Le Chat
7.Chiquillo 83
9.La Fanatica
10.Mi Propia Vision
12.Arde En Sus Ojos La Luz