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Release: 2012
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Displacer - Foundation CD

Displacer is the solo electronic project of toronto-based electronic musician and visual artist Michael Morton who began his career on the 'pre-set - new electronic music' compilation (mute records) in 2003. His appearance on this compilation garnished the attention of the m-tronic label, on which he released 3 cds. And in 2008 he signed to tympanik audio where he released 3 more albums and established himself as a driving force in the world of modern dark electronic music. In addition, Displacer struck a relentless performance path, playing live alongside artists such as Xingu Hill, S:Cage and Haujobb, and remixed the likes of Claire Voyant, Architect, Converter, Beefcake & Monstrum Sepsis amongst many others.

Utilizing an impressive backdrop of ...
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