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Release: 2011
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Distant Project - Stars CD

'Stars' is the third album from Distant Project, a synth pop band in the vein of De/Vision or Mesh and heavily influenced by Depeche Mode.

This CD compiles songs from the two previous albums, never available internationally: 'Venus' (2005) and 'Primitive' (2007), to which they band added some all new songs, especially written for this first album, distributed worldwide. The members of the band are Fab Soutus (Voice-Keys, programming), a U.S. resident and Wal Yunker (Keys-programming), who lives in Argentina - two guys working on a project together, despite the big distance, and of course the reason for the bands name, ie Distant Project.

'Stars' is a very good collection of songs, that offer a perfect insight on the music of this Synthpop-addicted act! If you are into melodic Synthpop, then you will love this album - 'Stars' is both very original and full of beautiful and catchy songs.
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2.Da VinciŽs Eyes
3.Primitive Conscience
4.Living The Universe
5.Immortal Beloved
6.Rain & Fire
8.Modern Love
9.Flying In Your Arms
10.Fallen Creature