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"Nord (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Distel - Nord (Limited Edition) Single/7

You might have heard people liken DISTEL to bands such as Coil or the Knife. With the release of this brand new 7'' ep however, it becomes strikingly apparent that DISTEL has a unique voice, sonic vernacular and style of their own. The first song, Nord, is a skilful juggling of analog & digital, har-mony & detune, atomic, tonal waveforms & noise of various flavors. Not to mention one of the most catchy, bouncy, spacious yet intimate set of jittery frequencies that has soared through the ether for a long, long time. The second song, Zelv, is a haunting, unraveling tale of exceptional lyrical and musical consonance. It’s also full of non-gimmicky, diegetic musical sur¬prises. Snappy, pneumatic and impossible to listen to - passively. The third song, bogarting the entire flipside of the single, is called Raaf. The heavily stomping stride of Raaf succeeds in breaking galileo’s principle of similitude simply by being like an elephant nimbly neurodancing. The clean, clear-cut sounds that make up this song all seem to emanate from real appliances and gadgets This single is a sure-fire musical milestone. Hear it for the first time and realize, the reason it sounds so familiar and obvious is not because you have ever heard anything like it before. Rather it is because, in the future you will have listened to it thousands of times already.

Packaging: spined outersleeve, printed innersleeve. ...
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1.A1 Nord
2.A2 Zelv
3.B1 Raaf