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Distorted Memory

"Swallowing The Sun"


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Release: 2011
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Distorted Memory - Swallowing The Sun CD

Finally, almost 4 years after the great debut 'Burning Heaven', the Canadian project Distorted Memory releases a powerful follow-up 'Swallowing the Sun'.

'Swallowing the Sun' comes up with a more mature sound than the first album, moving away from terror EBM into darker, more organic Dark Electro sound with a large tribal/ethnic element. Perfectly integrated OldSchool-elements create a timeless album with epic and powerful choruses. Vocals on 'Swallowing the Sun' are less processed but more aggressive.

The concept behind the album describes a doomed world where man has destroyed nature and has fallen from power. Mastermind Jeremy Pillipow created a masterpiece of music, which combines traditional Distorted Memory elements with new and surprising aspects. Mastering was done by X-Fusion Music Production. As special bonus, 'Swallowing the Sun' contains an exclusive Die Sektor remix.
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InfraRot item number:2008.447
Label's catalogue number:NTK 043
1.Awake Sleeping Giants
2.Black Fields
3.Seven Voices Of Hate
4.Hand Of God
6.Swallowing The Sun
9.Raven Eyes
11.Hand Of God (Die Sektor Remix)