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"Kum De Profundis 1982-1984"



Release: 2015
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Dok-U-Ment - Kum De Profundis 1982-1984 LP

In late 1982 Jesse Last and Malcolm Smith, both from Cambridge Massachusetts, launched their pioneering electro-experimental-techno project called Dok-U-Ment.They released a very limited self-produced tape which came on the radar by Sleep Chamber's John Zewizz who then joined this project while trying to convince both to join Sleep Chamber.

In 1983 they re-released the first Tape in an edited and extended forn on John's Label Inner X-Musick. One Track also got licensed to a Gut Level Music Compilation and two tracks were also part of the 84 Inner X-Musick Compilation 'the Oblique Collection'. Malcolm and John became more and more involved into Genesis P Orridge's TOPY (Temple Ov Psychic Youth) and supporting Psychic TV on their US-Tour and the Dok-U- Ment Project was terminated just three years after it had started.
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