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Dolls Of Pain

"A Silence In My Life"


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Release: 2016
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Dolls Of Pain - A Silence In My Life CD

France’s most successful dark-electro band is back with its 6th studio album! All previous albums have been top sellers for us and the new album, who’s title is a bit deceptive, is everything else but quiet, full of powerful EBM basslines, addictive synthesizer melodies, aggressive distorted vocals and mighty industrial beats. DOLLS OF PAIN have placed another mile stone on the big wall of dark electro without using the usual standards. This new album brings up new dimensions within the genre and a stunning amount of creativity!For DOLLS OF PAIN there’s no more reason to hide from bands like SUICIDE COMMANDO, GRENDEL or HOCICO. The quality of their productions has increased steadily year by year since the creation of the trio in 2003 in the course of their countless international live shows.The 15 new songs by this French music factory have each their own character and the delight they give is comparable to a mature red wine from the homeland of these gifted musicians. Everything is present on this album from low-tempo till dancefloor fillers! An album that penetrates your head and heart instantly and leaves a lasting impression.
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1.Nothing To Say
3.Perverse Narcissique
4.I Raze To The Ground
5.Drunk But Happy
6.Break It Down
7.A Silence In My Life
9.No Turning Back
13.Forgive You
14.Destroy Your Pride