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Dolls Of Pain

"Déréliction (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Dolls Of Pain - Déréliction (Limited Edition) 2CD

This limited CD includes the „Angel`s Alternative Mixes” cd.

Infos about the album:2 years after the release of their "The Last Conflict" Dolls Of Pain is back with 11 new tracks on "Déréliction" album. With this 5th album the French band continues its way with a sound mixing of dark electro, dark wave and crossover music. The sound of Dolls Of Pain is still there and you cant resist to dance again and again..

Dolls Of Pain takes us to country of amorous feeling. A vast subject, full of love, lies, doubt and jealousy or hurt feelings. Feelings of sickness, wistfuiness and questioning flow through the lyrics of this opus, released for celebration of TEN years of the band.
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1.Prophetic Signs
2.Drugs On The Floor
3.Désir Parfumé
5.Even More
6.Kalte Wahrheit
7.She Said
8.Fetish Problem
9.The Lovelace
10.Nothing Can Destroy Me
11.In Vain
12.Prophetic Signs (Ethan Fawkes Remix)
13.Kalte Wahrheit (Vigilante Remix)
14.Drugs On The Floor (French Module Mix)
15.Prophetic Signs (Dark Line Spectrum Remix)
16.Prophetic Signs (Pt’S Pills Mix)
17.Kalte Wahrheit (Eisberg Remix)
18.Fetish Problem (Zebody Rmx)
19.Déréliction (K-Bereit Remix)
20.Drugs On The Floor (Bak Xiii Remix)
21.Fetish Problem ( Remix)
22.Déréliction (Larva Remix)
23.Fetish Problem (Narcis Royal Rmx)
24.Prophetic Signs (Chemical Sweet Kid Remix)