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Dolls Of Pain

"The Last Conflict"


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Release: 2011
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Dolls Of Pain - The Last Conflict CD

With this 4th album the French band Dolls Of Pain takes a next direction. This change in direction was already announced with the EP 'Strange Kiss', released in November 2010. Soundwise, it's DOP but with a guitar that brings a more aggressive tone to the dark wave melodies that the band usually supplies. Textwise, Dolls of Pain take us to distant lands of torture of the human spirit.

The rifts and conflicts leading ...
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1.The Beginning Of The End
2.Strange Kiss
3.Are U Blind?
4.Why Not?
5.Dont Blame Me
6.Fading Lies
7.Stairs Of Glory
8.Hurt Me
9.Inside Your Soul
10.Like An Ass Bitch
11.Déchirure Nocturne
12.Stay Far Away From Me
13.With You (Feat. Dddmix Of BakXIII)