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Don Slepian

"Recordings 1971-83"



Release: 2015
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Don Slepian - Recordings 1971-83 LP

Don Slepian is a true pioneer in electronic music. He started composing in 1969 and released his first compilation cassette in September of 1978. He left Hawaii and came to Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ, where he was "Artist In Residence" in computer music for the next two years. In 1980 he released three more cassette tapes on the Hawaiian record label, Plumeria Productions: "The Sea of Bliss", "New Dawn" and "Open Spaces". In 1981 he self-released his first Lp called "Computer Don’t Breakdown". In 1982 he signed to Fortuna Records who brought his music to a much wider audience. In 1983 he released a collaborative tape with Lauri Paisley: Synarios‚ "Uncontrolled Voltage" in a classic electronica style.In 1982 he signed to Fortuna Records where he released selevral more wokrs during the 80’s. Don Slepian combines unique skills in music and electronics with a lifetime of improvised keyboard music performance. "His music is already at the level of sonic and musical integration which few achieve -- simultaneously stimulating and effervescent and soothing and profound." "Hearts of Space" Music Guide. Born into a scientific family, Slepian showed both musical and technical talent early in life. In 1968, he programmed computers and built electronic music circuitry, sculpting sound with classic electronic music studio tape techniques. Starting in 1972, he was a tester on the early internet as a member of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). While being a Synthesizer Soloist with the Honolulu Symphony, he was Music Director for Honolulu Theater For Youth, and ARP Synthesizer Sales Rep for Hawaii. His CV could be continued for another page here. This Lp contains all tracks from his extremely rare debut-Tape ‚Electronic Music from Rainbow Island Tape’ (released 1978) plus two tracks from Uncontrolled Voltage-Tape released as Synarios (with Laurie Paisley)
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 Evolution /77) 10:34
2.A2 Glimmerings (77) 3:29
3.A3 Flight Over Swampland (71) 5:15
4.A4 Halloween Piece (73) 4:30
5.A5 March Of The Spirits (72) 2:03
6.B1 Horizon (77) 5:23
7.B2 Sunflower (82) 8:41
8.B3 Fast Motion (82) 2:40
9.B4 Another Electric Tuesday (82) 6:12