InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: 2014
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Download - Fixer 2LP

Double-Vinyl in Deluxe GATEFOLD-Sleeve! BLACK vinyl.Genre: electronic, IDM, experimental

Download, the brainchild of the legendary cEvin key and Phil Western, seamlessly and stunningly blends atmospherics, IDM, and industrial experimentations into a stunning, cohesive piece of work with the album FiXeR. Swirling, deeply layered synths and rhythms flow into manipulated samples and low-tech glitch bursts, showing once again why Key and Western have earned their status as electronic music pioneers. The duo is joined by Mark Spybey, Databomb, and Otto Von Schirach on several tracks. Originally released as part of the Subconscious Vault 2 subscription series, FiXeR is now available for the first time ever on vinyl via Artoffact Records.

• Double-vinyl.• Beautifully designed gatefold sleeve.• Includes MP3 download code.
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1.A1 Bell Ringoor
2.A2 Zass Pie
3.A3 Uhm
4.B1 Krakatoa Pt 1 2 And 3
5.B2 Neuron Proper
6.C1 Sorcear
7.C2 12 Ye Arsblows
8.C3 Starving
9.D1 Eruption
10.D2 Hoorse