InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann


"Helicopter+Wookie Wall"


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Release: 2014
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Download - Helicopter+Wookie Wall 2LP

Double-Vinyl in Deluxe GATEFOLD-Sleeve! BLACK vinyl.Genre: electronic, IDM, experimental

With the album HElicopTEr, electronic gurus cEvin Key and Phil Western strayed away from the more atmospheric, IDM-flavored electronica of the act's previous releases. Breaking out the oldest of the analog machines in the keyboard Mecca that is Subconscious Studios, Download play with a much more up-tempo feel as the tracks flow from the sedate and sublime into a bubbling, almost playful take on the signature Download sound. The use of the analog equipment created a genre-bending retro quality to HElicopTEr, presented here with three additional tracks as Helicopter + Wookie Wall. Features a guest appearance by Mark Spybey.

• Double-vinyl.

• Beautifully designed gatefold sleeve.

• Includes MP3 download code.
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1.A1 Propeller
2.A2 Bell 47
3.A3 Hut
4.B1 Decadance
5.B2 Lift
6.B3 Message From Gort
7.C1 Radio Silence
8.C2 Pilots Requiem
9.C3 Landed
10.C4 Beati
11.D1 Wookie Wall
12.D2 Casm
13.D3 Jark