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Dr. Arthur Krause




Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Dr. Arthur Krause - Solutions CD

Dr. Arthur Krause set out as an electronic one-man project in the gothic/electronic genre but has since developed into a full scale rock band. The music is reminiscent of great acts like The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy and U2.

2010 sees the band back with a new album, 'Solutions', and a harder and darker sound. This is however very delicately blended with frail and breathtaking soundscapes, such as the epos Mariah - without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far. The single 'Under Silver Moon' and the powerful 'Dance like Hell' are strongly recommended for airplay and club spinning.

Dr. Arthur Krause were appropriately formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2001 quickly establishing themselves as a good live act, featuring Dr. Arthur Krause on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Fredrik 'Hell' Thell on guitars, André Robsahm on bass and Mattias 'Dr Fill' Axelsson on drums as the current line-up. Starting with the traditional dry ice and frontal light, the performances have now developed into a full multimedia show.
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Label:Music Art
1.A Girl From Town
2.Dance Like Hell
4.Give Me The Queens (Swedish Royal Wedding Night)
6.Release Your Wild Horses
7.Under Silver Moon
10.Funeral Drum
11.The Final Solution