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Drama Of The Spheres

"A Kafka Tale"


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Release: 2012
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Drama Of The Spheres - A Kafka Tale CD

Formed in 1993, and led by Sir Jad aka JeroMad, Drama of the Spheres has developed in the 90's its unique style of psychiatric 'Virgin Prunian' Batcave environments mixed with industrial experiments, samples and hypnotic loops...

After a sumptous 2CD release on Manic Depression in 2008 (containing 2 albums and an EP), here now the all new conceptual album based on Franz Kafka's famous "In the Penal Colony" short story. According to JeroMad, 'A Kafka Tale' might be the last Drama of the Spheres' album. He was joined on it by the band Nehr and together they deliver a heavy and crazy album. The trademark sound of Drama of the Spheres is still there, but it appears in a wonderful updated/upgraded format, mutated into a kind of 'Industrial Batcave' - Creeping and psychotic! Welcome to the colony!
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