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"Operation: Duesterland (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Dunkelwerk - Operation: Duesterland (Limited Edition) 2CD

Besides its simply outstanding design that will blow your mind, the limited deluxe carton box edition also holds an exclusive bonus disc gathering some 10 unreleased old tracks from DUNKELWERK's archives between 1999 and 2004.

Infos about the album:Losttrooper returns on the battlefield for the ultimate "Operation: Duesterland" – DUNKELWERK's 3rd conceptual full-length album celebrating once more the complex theme of “Total Defeat” and making of this collection of songs one of the strongest anti-war albums this scene has to offer! If many bands have used war elements in their work, not many deal with this difficult theme wholeheartedly like DUNKELWERK can do it!

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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM2198DCD
1.Operation: Duesterland
2.Die Unglückshaften
4.Bissige Kröte
8.Das Wort Der Front
12.Untitled (Instrumental 1999)
13.Open City (1999)
14.Bunkermensch (1999)
15.Die Schwarzen Jahre (Instrumental 2004)
16.Wasted (Very Old Version Of Die Sechste Armee 2002)
17.Troops Back Home (First Version Of Bastard 2003)
18.Amen (Around 2000)
19.Rock My Heart (Instrumental 2003)
20.Stahlgarb (Compact Mixx And Old Version Of Hopes Haven 2004)
21.Rückzug (2003)