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Echo & The Bunnymen

"Crystal Days 1979-1999"


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Release: 2008
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Echo & The Bunnymen - Crystal Days 1979-1999 4CD

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2.Pictures On My Wall
3.Read It In Books (Original Single Version)
4.Villiers Terrace (BBC Radio Sessions Live 22.8.79)
6.Simple Stuff
7.Stars Are Stars
8.All That Jazz
10.The Puppet
11.Do It Clean
12.Show Of Strength
13.Over The Wall
14.A Promise
15.Heaven Up Here
16.All My Colours
17.Broke My Neck (Long Version)
18.No Hands (John Peel Session)
20.The Subject
21.Back Of Love
22.The Cutter
23.Way Out And Up We Go
25.Heads Will Roll
26.Gods Will Be Gods (Alternative Version)
27.Never Stop (Discotheque)
28.Watch Out Below (John Peel Session)
29.The Killing Moon (All Night Version)
30.Silver (Tidal Wave)
31.Angels And Devils
32.Crystal Days
33.Seven Seas
34.My Kingdom
35.Ocean Rain
36.All You Need Is Love
37.Bring On The Dancing Horses
38.Over Your Shoulder
39.Lover I Love You
41.New Direction (Original Version)
42.Ship Of Fools
43.All My Life
44.The Game
45.Bedbugs And Ballyhoo
46.Lips Like Sugar (Single Version)
47.People Are Strange
49.Don't Let It Get You Down (Radio Version)
50.I Want To Be There (When You Come) (Single Version)
51.Nothing Lasts Forever
54.What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?
55.In The Midnight Hour
56.Start Again (Live 1987)
57.The Original Cutter - A Drop In The Ocean
58.Heads Will Roll (Summer Version)
59.Bedbugs And Ballyhoo (Original Single Version)
60.Zimbo (Live, 1982, With The Royal Burundi Drummers)
61.Angels And Devils (Live 1985)
62.She Cracked (Live, 1985)
63.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live, 1985)
64.Soul Kitchen (Live 1985)
65.Action Woman (Live, 1985)
66.Paint It Black (Live, 1985)
67.Run, Run, Run (Live, 1985)
68.Friction (Live, 1985)
69.Crocodiles (Live, 1985)
70.Heroin (Live, 1983)
71.Do It Clean (Live, 1983)
72.The Cutter (Alternate Version)