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Echo West

"Pagan City Ghosts"


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Release: 2015
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Echo West - Pagan City Ghosts CD

Coming in 6 page Eco-Digifile. File under: Minimal – Dark Wave – Anst Pop – EBM.

"Pagan City Ghosts" is the 7th album by Echo west (and 4th on Dark Vinyl). Furthermore it's the second part of the "Pagan City" trilogy and offers the project’s well known Angst Pop tunes and EBM rhythms in classic ‘The Klinik’ style to the listeners again. The CD contains 9 unreleased and brand new tracks that have been created between 2011 and 2014 plus a re-mix of the track "Are we City Humans" that appeared on the "Pagan City Gods" CD in 2013. The soundscapes reach from minimal electronic arrangements via negative pop to hard rhythmic madness.

Echo West will perform with some of the new tracks at NCN festival Leipzig and at the end of the year in Berlin again.
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Label:Dark Vinyl
2.False Illusions
3.Hospital Of Ghosts
4.Say No
5.Heartbeat Of Life
6.Are We City Humans (Re-Mix)
7.In Hell
9.Hate & Tears
10.Light & Darkness