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Eg Oblique Graph (Muslimgauze)

"Complete Oblique"



Release: 2015
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Eg Oblique Graph (Muslimgauze) - Complete Oblique 2LP

This 2 Lp-Set contains Bryn Jones, (alias Muslimgauze) earliest musical works as his then-moniker, E.g Oblique Graph. An important, 'must-have' document on a nascent artist's first steps towards technical and musical mastery. This material is recorded between 1981 to 1983 and self-released on Product Kinematograph as well as underground label, Recloose, in extremely limited tape and vinyl editions.Bryn Jones is a highly prolific British ethno-electronica and experimental musician who was influenced by conflicts in the Muslim World with an emphasis on Israel/Palestine. With almost 200 albums released in less than 2 decades underthe name Muslimgauze, Jones successfully established a unique and extraordinary soundscape by combining Middle Eastern, African, Indo-Pak and Afghani athmospheres alongside heavily phased drones and colliding rhythms.Contemporary musicians like Shackleton combine Bryn‚s ideas and concepts in their own music. (lmtd.300 copies)
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