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Ego Likeness

"The Compass EPs"


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Release: 2016
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Ego Likeness - The Compass EPs 2CD

Ego Likeness blends powerful female vocals with elements of electronica, darkwave, trip hop and pop. “The Compass EPs” is a full-length double-Album that features a collection of four limited EPs, ‘South’, ‘West’, ‘North’ & ‘East’ in their entirety – plus 3 songs from the ‘Lowest Place on Earth’ single. The two CD set is a compelling document of the bands sound & its evolution over the span between the “Breedless” and “When the Wolves return” albums and also features a number of outstanding remixes by TERRORFAKT, ANGELSPIT and others!
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2.Second Skin [2007]
3.Burn Witch Burn [Angelspit Rmx]
4.Aviary [E.a. Rowe Rmx]
5.Funny Olde World
6.Sirens & Satellites [Ep Version]
7.I Live On What’S Left [2008]
8.Burn Witch Burn [Hypofixx Rmx]
9.The Egg Of The Mother
10.Severine [Sidhe Rmx By Hopeful Machines]
12.The Neverending Story
13.Weave (Anathema Device Rmx)
14.Raise Your Red Flags
15.Down By The Water
17.Persona Non Grata
18.Tea In The Sahara
19.The Devils In The Chemicals - Sin Mix
20.Inferno - Hotter Than Hell Mix
21.I’M Not Mary Ann - Mokmi Mix
22.Severine - Floodland Mix
23.The Devils In The Chemicals - Terrorfakt Mix
24.Inferno - Donna The Dead Mix
25.Severine - Rb Mix
26.The Lowest Place On Earth
27.I’M Not Mary Ann
28.Oceans And Bridge