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Ego Likeness

"Water To The Dead (Expanded)"


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Release: 2013
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Ego Likeness - Water To The Dead (Expanded) CD

Metropolis is proud to present a newly remastered and expanded version of the classic Ego Likeness album. This new version features all the original tracks, new, unreleased versions of ‘16 Miles’ and ‘Water to the Dead’, and as an additional bonus, an ‘ePub’ version of vocalist Donna Lynch’s 2008 novel ‘Isabel Burning’ (RDSP), of which there is some cross over between songs and elements of the book.

Water to the Dead shows the band expand upon the trip-hop tinged down tempos of its previous releases and further explore the roots of the sound the band uses today.
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1.Water To The Dead
2.16 Miles
3.Above The Soil (Isabel’S Version)
6.The Breach
9.Traveling Son
11.Wayfaring Stranger
12.16 Miles 2013
13.Water To The Dead 2013
14.Epub: Isabel Burning